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This Girl Needs A New Home Soon, Or Else ...

Update Friday, 18 January 2013: Thank you everyone who has called. The number of calls has been overwhelming and the animal control officers are cautiously optimistic that they will find a home for this dog.

This Girl Needs A New Home Soon, Or Else ...


Update Friday, Jan. 18, 2013: The Madison Animal Control officer says thank you so much for everyone's help and interest. The number of calls has been overwhelming and they are cautiously optimistic they will be able to find a forever home for the dog. The plan is for the Clinton Animal Control officer to start returning calls next week, and start working her way through the list. We will keep you updated on their progress. Thank you for your patience as they work their way through the list and thank you for your interest and help.

Original story posted Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013:

This information is from the Madison and Clinton Police Departments:

The Clinton, Connecticut Animal Control Department is looking for a forever home for a female canine. The canine is believed to be a pit bull, is approximately 1-2 years old, had a litter of puppies at some point, approximately 35-40lbs, brown and white in color, a short / fine coat, friendly with humans, loves attention from people, affectionate, pulls slightly on leash but settles in after a few minutes of walking, has no name, appears to have basic obedience (sit, stay, paw), no known health problems, and not spayed.

The Clinton Animal Control Officer found the canine wondering around the town a few weeks ago, it is believed she was dumped or abandoned.  The canine is currently being held at the Madison Police Department dog shelter and is visited several times a day by the Clinton Animal Control Officer, Madison Animal Control Officers, and many of the Madison Police Officers.

The Clinton Animal Control Department will supply a voucher for a spay, and two vaccinations upon adoption.  There is a $50 fee required upon adoption.

Anyone wanting to meet the canine is welcome to do so prior to making any adoption decisions.

"I personally stop in to the dog shelter and visit the canine ever day, she is a sweet heart and would make a great companion.  The canine has pulled the heartstrings of many of the Madison Police Officers and I have made it my mission to do all I can to find this sweetheart a forever home," said Madison Police Officer Alex Blackwell. "If your have any interest in adopting this canine or would like to help the Clinton and Madison Animal Control Officers find a forever home for her please let me know."

Unfortunately this canine’s time is limited, if an adoption isn’t made she will be put down.

Anyone needing more information or with specific questions PLEASE call 203-245-2721.

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