Jul 28, 2014
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Geary Makes the Case for a ⅚ Academy on Manchester Review in April

Geary Makes the Case for a ⅚ Academy on Manchester Review in April

MHS Principal and Manchester Superintendent To Be, Matt Geary appears on Manchester Review in April to discuss a wide range of district wide issues such as elementary school reorganization, the recommended Fifth/Sixth Grade Academy at Bennet, the impact of racial balance requirements, School Choice and the Common Core controversy. In the interview with host Jack Peak, Geary states “I am a believer in a ⅚ Academy at Bennet because it frees up elementary school space. I don’t know if taxpayers are willing to pay for renovating all the existing elementary schools.” He sees the drivers influencing elementary school reorganization as: the condition of the buildings; racial balance; and what can we afford. Geary wants to hear from parents on their opinions.

Manchester Review is on the air Monday nights on Cox PATV channel 15 at 9 PM. You can also watch both shows at any time on You Tube.

 Click on these links for the April  show on district wide issues: Matt Geary: Manchester Schools 2014 Part A and Matt Geary: Manchester Schools Part B or Google “You Tube: Matt Geary.”

Click on the following links for the March episode on MHS: “Matt Geary: Manchester High School 2014 Part I” and Part II. Questions and comments are welcome at manchesterreview@gmail.com

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