Jul 29, 2014

The Seirus Skull Liner is a Wise Investment

It's perfect for those days when a full helmet liner is not needed.

The Seirus Skull Liner is a Wise Investment

A few years ago, I started wearing a thin, synthetic balaclava under my helmet on colder days and was immediately hooked a product made by Seirus. It was comfortable, and the wicking aspect kept my head dry and preserved the inside of the helmet.

And when I say I was hooked, I mean attached.

The balaclava became so much a part of my equipment bag that it felt weird to put the helmet on without it. On really cold days, I have a Seirus face mask to put over the liner.

It would always drive me crazy during the spring because it became just a little too warm, but I felt funny not wearing it. On some days, you just do not need the full balaclava. I turned to Seirus for something a little lighter.

Poof. There was the Seirus Thermax Skull Liner.

It is basically what the company describes: an ultra-thin skull cap that combines wicking technology with a flat-seam construction that makes it really comfortable to wear while knowing you'll get the performance you want — or are paranoid about. It fits right under a helmet or can be used to layer-up with a hat.

For skiing and snowboarding, your head feels right when it's inside the helmet, but there is nothing around your neck and chin.

The Skull Liner is a serious product that carries a minimal investment — the suggested retail price is $15.99. I think it is a must for the snowsports bag.

Oh, one more little secret, at lunch, you can take the helmet off wearing the Skull Liner and you already have a hat on for those moments on the patio.

Serius is featured in most stores that feature snow sports equipment. A store locator is available on the website.

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