Jul 28, 2014

Tired of the Politics in this Town

Former Republican running mate stands up for Kidd.

Tired of the Politics in this Town Tired of the Politics in this Town

The following Letter to the Editor was provided by , a Republican who ran unsuccessfully for a spot on the Board of Education in 2011: 

Lately Manchester politics have begun to disgust me! The games of one-upmanship each party plays can be a full on contact sport of dirty tricks and misdirection. But nothing compares to what’s been going on at the Manchester Board of Education. The Democrats want to take down one of their fiercest Republican rivals: .

The Democrats have been after Merrill for years and they don’t just oppose her because of her party affiliation; they hate her in a very raw and spiteful way. Make no mistake about it, is a stunt to score political points and assassinate Mrs. Kidd's character. It's also a shameful nose thumbing to those actually bullied and abused. 

I’ve known and worked with Merrill for several years, we were the chairs on the Human Relations Committee. There I saw and learned how passionate and dynamic Merrill was, and how desperate the Democrats desired to get rid of her. In fact, they approached me to throw Merrill under the proverbial bus in exchange for a prominent place in the Democrat party and a seat on the Board of Ed. I refused and continued to refuse their many advances. Had I, maybe I’d be the Deputy Mayor. 

What they are doing to Merrill is on par with how the Democrats turned their backs on and went after Diane Clare Kearney. I could never be party to a group that favors hypocrisy over integrity. If lying and hurting people for political advantage is what it takes to be a Manchester Democrat, then I’m glad I don’t have what is takes. When it comes to doing what is wrong for selfish gain rather than what is right, then I’m glad I don’t have what it takes to be a Manchester Democrat. When it comes to integrity and the well-being of the people of Manchester, the Democrats don’t have what it takes. When it comes to respecting oneself in the morning, as a Republican, I have what it takes. To the last letter, to the last word, to the last person, I will fight for what is right.

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