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Meriden Police Blotter: September 1-2

The information provided by the Meriden Police Department represents charges filed and arrests made, not convictions.

Meriden Police Blotter: September 1-2


Saturday, Sept. 1

Hector Laboy, 55, of 55 Willow Street; public drinking, simple trespass

Filberto Aquirre, 53, of 55 Willow Street; simple trespass

Harry Boles, 58, of 29 Garden Street; public drinking

Geraldo N. Feliciano, 66, of 55 Willow Street; simple trespass

Starla Bolduc, 48, of 250 West Main Street; public drinking

Hector Medina, 46, of 55 Willow Street; simple trespass, public drinking

Renee McDurney, 19, of 182 Cook Ave., disorderly conduct

Marnie McDurney, 41, of 182 Cook Ave.; disorderly conduct

Freddy Cruz, 52, of 1160 South Main Sreet, Middletown; reckless driving, driving while intoxicated

Amber McBurney, 21, of 182 Cook Ave.; dicorderly conduct

Michael A. DeJesus, 19, of 223 Cook Ave.; breach of peace

Shandy Roman, 23, of 57 Pleasant Street; beach of peace, disorderly conduct, assault

Natasha A. Sandoval, 18, of 112 Oak Street; breach of peace

Vincent Rodreiguez, 24, of 53 North Street; possession of narcotics, possession of narcotics with intent to sell, possession of narcotics with intent to sell within 1500 ft of school zone, possession of drug paraphernalia, operating under suspension, possession of marijuana

Michael J. Rowe, 48, of 95 Goodwill Ave.; threatening, interfering, breach of peace

Christian Bacote, 20, of 36 Welles Terrace; breach of peace, disorderly conduct, interfering with police, refusal to submit prints

Steven Camacho, 20, of 167 Liberty Street; no license

Andy Williams, 37, of Rural Route 1, Godfrey, Penn.; criminal attempt to commit sexual assault, disorderly conduct

Robin Nohelty, 48, of 259 Elm Street; roaming dog, dog nusiance, unlicensed dog

Angel L. Mercado, 29, of 36 Windsor Ave.; reckless driving, failure to obey the signal of an officer

Zusheiry Otero, 23, of 277 Center Street; suspended license, no seatbelt, traveling fast

Jadwiga Baran, 81, of 55 Willow Street; creating a public disturbance

Antonio Alverez, 31, of 84 Lambert Ave.; operating unregistered motor vehicle, operating without a license, failure to signal, no child safety seat

Michael Woodward, 33, of 114 Plainfield Street, Hartford; creating a public disturbance, simple trespassing

Jennt Lawson, 32, of 85 Silver Lane, East Hartford; creating a public disturbance, simple trespassing

Robert Crosby, 42, of 495 Crown Street; littering

Gabriella Fasolino, 28, of 721 Murdock Ave.; operating unregistered motor vehicle, failure to maintain safe distance, operating while suspended

Able Rios, 40, of 30 Delaware Ave, Springfield, Mass.; failure to obey control signal

Jesus Colon Jr., 39, of 247 West Main Street; unregistered motor vehicle, no insurance, misuse of marker plate, operating without a license

Sunday, Sept. 2

Quentin Claude, 28, of 435 Bradley Ave.; driving under the influence, no insurance, interfering with an officer

Reizalee Torres, 27, of 251 West Main Street; assault, criminal mischief

Glorivelisse Santiago, 36, of 143 Veteran Street; creating a public disturbance

Von Pelgado, 21, of 124 Vance Street, New Britain; breach of peace

Heather St. Onge, 29, of 225 Stonycrest Drive, Bristol; criminal trespassing

Angel Estrella, 31, of 100 Grove Street; disorderly conduct

Hector Lopez, 54, of 169 Hall Ave.; possession of narcotics, possession of drug paraphernalia, evading, operating on a suspended liceense, failure to drive in proper lane

Joselito Delvalle, 42, of 120 Gravel Street; criminal trespass, breach of peace, violation of a protective order

Zachary Williams, 43, of 860 Main Street, East Hartford; driving while intoxicated, unsafe backing, reckless driving

Concepcion Cruz, 65, homeless; public drinking

Miguel Gomez, 50, of 58 Lewis Ave.; public drinking

Martin Rosado, 63, of 55 Willow Street; public drinking

William Jackson, 29, of 166 Hobart Street; failure to obey stop sign, no license

Francisco Huertas, of 76 Harold Street; failure to grant right of way, no license

Daryl Strealer, 47, of 74 Rock Street, New Haven; public drinking

Richard Smith, 66, of 251 West Main Street; public drinking

Suzanne Ganem, 56, of 35 West Main Street; public drinking

Juan Chaparro, 51, of 109 West Main Street; public drinking

John Zadwomy, of 161 Corrigan Ave.; public drinking

Francisco Rey, 63, of 72 East Main Street; public drinking

James Buska, 55, of 86 East Main Street; public drinking



Note: Arrest reports for Aug. 30-31 were not available for publication. Check back with Patch this week for the information.

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