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Middletown Arrests: April 29 to May 8

Middletown Police arrests through May 8

Middletown Arrests: April 29 to May 8

Middletown Police report the following arrests:

DISORDERLY CONDUCT, SECOND-DEGREE THREATENING — On May 8, Tamara J. Hershman, 53, of Meetinghouse Lane was heavily intoxicated and in a domestic argument with her husband. She was combative and continued to argue when police arrived. She was taken away by ambulance for a police emergency exam request. She called an officer an expletive while being removed. A witness said before police came Hershman had a knife in her hand and said, “I’m going to kill him,” meaning her husband. She was given a May 9 court date.

THIRD-DEGREE ASSAULT — On May 7, Rigoberto Hernandez, 29, of North 3rd Street, Meriden, was involved in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend at her house on Traverse Square. She said the assault became physical and she had scratches on her neck and small pieces of hair pulled from her head. Hernandez was found on Pearl Street. He was given a May 9 court date.

SECOND-DEGREE BREACH OF PEACE, DISORDERLY CONDUCT — On May 7, Doris White, 43, of Summer Hill Road was in a domestic with her spouse in a parking lot at 416 E. Main St. She was given a May 9 court date.

SECOND-DEGREE FAILURE TO APPEAR — On May 6, Maria Alejandro, 38, of Inverness Lane turned herself into headquarters for an outstanding warrant. She was given a May 9 court date.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT — On May 5, Samuel Privott, 55, of Long Lane was arrested following a domestic dispute in the parking lot of 416 E Main St. He threw a bottle in the direction of his spouse, which shattered on the ground. He was given a May 9 court date.

SECOND-DEGREE BREACH OF PEACE — On May 7, Timothy M. Balch, 37, of Smith Street was at the scene of a heated verbal disturbance between four people, a domestic between two brothers at the home. Balch and his brother Scott, 31, of Smith Street had been arguing all day about family issues and he admitted he started wrestling with his brother in the backyard and both were yelling loudly. Both were given a May 9 court date.

INTERFERING WITH OFFICER, SECOND-DEGREE THREATENING — On May 6, police received a tip that a stocky black male with braids, a sweatshirt and dark jeans was standing on the sidewalk at Liberty and Frazier streets with two other black males selling crack cocaine. Brandon L. Freeman, 30, of no certain address is a convicted felon with 24 arrests for possession and sale of narcotics, according to the report. Police located Freeman near a tan car at the scene and he walked away from the scene. A K-9 alerted officers to his right front pocket and groin area. While being searched, he yelled and swore at the officer. He was told to sit on the curb and remove his shoes, but refused. He removed one shoe and threw it at the officer then did the same with the other. He appeared to be in a fighting stance to police and refused to remove his socks, so the officer jumped on Freeman and knocked him to the ground. Other officers handcuffed him. While under arrest, he threatened the officer’s life, dared him to remove the cuffs and said when he got out of jail he was going to show police who they were messing with. Freeman told police he is “too good at dealing crack to get caught” and “you will never get me.” The owner of the car said Freeman and three males asked her to sit in her car but she had no idea it would be for drugs. Police said to her it was odd she would allow four strangers to use her car and for her to leave her wallet inside unsecured with $150 in it. Freeman said the woman was his girlfriend. He was given a May 20 court date.

SIMPLE TRESPASS, POSSESSION OF DRUG PARAPHERNALIA — On April 29, Douglas Wagner, 44, of Main Street was found camping on city property near Jackson Street. He was found with a pipe used for smoking, which tested positive for marijuana. He was given a May 9 court date.

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