Jul 30, 2014
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Middletown Gas Prices Holding Steady Below $4

The price per gallon here and across Connecticut remains shy of $4 for another week.

Middletown Gas Prices Holding Steady Below $4

Despite a small increase of one cent in the past week, the average price of gas in Connecticut and Middletown remains just below $4 a gallon, according to price tracking website Connecticut Gas Prices. The current average per gallon is $3.99.

A month ago, the average price in Connecticut was $3.80. The prices throughout the state remain far more expensive than the national average, which most recently was $3.74.

Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst for GasBuddy.com, the parent company of Connecticut Gas Prices, said Tropical Storm Isaac could affect oil prices, but it appears that the storm is weakening.

"It's entirely within the realm of possibility that we see refinery outages, oil production losses and gasoline supply issues — essentially all the things you don't want to happen," DeHaan said in a statement. "While this storm doesn't currently appear as powerful as other storms that have caused similar concern, we're continuing to watch the situation develop."

The price per gallon last averaged $4 in Connecticut back in April.

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