Jul 30, 2014

Better Know Alderman Raymond G. Vitali

Milford Patch spoke with Ray Vitali about his time as a Board of Aldermen and the future of the Republican Party in Milford.

Better Know Alderman Raymond G. Vitali


After a career in education, which included 23 years as Principal of Live Oaks Elementary School, Ray Vitali was elected as a Board of Aldermen member in November 2007 and he plans to run for a fourth term in Fall of 2013.

Becoming an Alderman

"I announced my retirement in June '07," Vitali said. "Jim Richetelli asked me if I'd run for Alderman or Board of Ed." Vitali decided to run for Aldermen and won that fall.

Republicans in Milford

When asked about the recent election, in which all three Republican State Rep. candidates lost to their Democratic opponents, Vitali made a distinction between Milford politicians and those at the State level.

"Connecticut is so ingrained in Democrats," Vitali said. "We need to get somebody who can lead the party." He added that he was surprised that Linda McMahon did not win.

When it comes to local politics, though, Vitali sees things differently. "On a local level, I don't even know why we are labeled." He noted that Milford government "is run very well."

United Way

From 2008 to early 2012, Vitali was the Chairman for the United Way's annual fundraising campaign. He is very proud that the money raised stays in Milford. "82-85% stays in Milford," Vitali said.

There is a small amount of money raised that is used for overhead costs at United Way, as is common with not for profit organizations.

Chamber of Commerce Service Award

On January 30th, Ray Vitali is being honored by the Milford Chamber of Commerce at a ceremony at Grassy Hilly Country Club at 11:30 a.m.

Vitali has previously won a Community Service Award from Bridges and a Humanitarian Award from the Mayor's Committee for People With Disabilities.



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