23 Aug 2014
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Better Know Milford Alderman Dan German

Dan German is serving his second term as Milford Board of Alderman, 4th District. We talked to him about the Single Stream Recycling program, and where he would have liked to see more budget funding for 2012-2013.

Better Know Milford Alderman Dan German


How did you first become involved in city government? 

I asked the Mayor, at the time, if I could run for Alderman. I have been a lifelong resident of Milford, 50 years, had a business here for 23 years, Dad had his business here (German’s Construction), Grandmother opened her business here in the 50’s, German’s Package Store.  

I love the city, attended Milford High in Downtown Milford and watched the city change and grow over the years and I wanted to be more involved. So I ran for Alderman and won my first term in 2009. I am now in my second term.

What is something you're particularly proud of from your time as a member of the Board of Aldermen? 

Many things but one in particular is the . This improved the recycling significantly in the city by making it much easier and expanding what gets recycled. If used properly and fully, very little should get thrown out as garbage and hauled to the burn plant in Bridgeport.

The more that gets recycled the less it costs the city in tipping fees. We have, unfortunately, become such a wasteful society, and this helps recover some of that waste! My goal would be to also implement a compost recycling system or get people to compost on their own. The more we keep out of the waste stream the better and that translate to tax dollar savings.  

What was an institution from that you wish had gotten more funding? 

Some departments within Public Works. The department budget has been cut extensively over the years and people are waiting a long time for some services.

I would like to see more put into landscape maintenance and keeping our city up to snuff on appearance so that all residence and visitors can enjoy. If we don’t do this I’m afraid the city will start to lose its charm.

Another is funds for healthcare education and improvement. This is by far the largest budget item and much can be done to keep costs down and improve employee health.

What advice would you give to concerned Milford citizens who are hoping to have more of a voice in local government? 

Visit the Milford Website, become familiar with the many great programs Milford has, possibly get involved and join a committee that interest you. Attend meetings, ask questions, call your Board of Alderman with concerns. This a very active community with thousands of volunteers for many civic organizations, program and committees, that’s what makes it a great town!

What are the most important improvements that Milford could make over the next year to make this city even better?  

Keep improving our recycling program, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and ReThink! Keep improving our schools and educational system. Improve our health care, educate people how to eat better and exercise, drugs will not solve all the problems.

Eliminate waste and improve efficiencies like installing LED lighting, using alternative fuel sources and technology, and simply powering off when not in use. Many little things add up to huge sums! We all have to contribute! Keep Milford beautiful and sustainable!

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