Jul 29, 2014
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Details of Alleged Milford-Orange Murder Plot

The identities of those who the couple were allegedly targeting has been reported by Connecticut television stations.

Details of Alleged Milford-Orange Murder Plot Details of Alleged Milford-Orange Murder Plot Details of Alleged Milford-Orange Murder Plot

Details are being revealed surrounding the arrest of Gregory Christofakis and Ziba Guy for allegedly soliciting the assault and murder of two people.

Milford Police have not yet identified whom the couple were allegedly targeting to have killed, but television stations such as WFSB Channel 3 and WTNH Channel 8 have reported that Christofakis' wife, Jacqueline, and Guy's ex-husband, who has not been identified, were the objects of the murder plot.

Court records show that Greg Christofakis, the owner of Greg's Auto Body & Sales on New Haven Avenue, has been going through divorce proceedings with his wife, Jacqueline Christofakis.

Connecticut Post reports that a restraining order was issued in 2011, barring Christofakis from contacting Jacqueline.

According to the order, Christofakis is not allowed to possess weapons, must not threaten, abuse, harass, stalk or intimidate her, must stay away from her home and can't contact her by any means, all while always being 100 yards away from his wife.

During a November 2011 argument over money, Jacqueline Christofakis states that her husband said he was going to burn down their house with her still in it if she didn't pay the mortgage or move out. 

According to the affidavit, a few days later, Jacqueline said her husband told her if he got arrested because of her, he would kill her and her attorney when he got out of jail.

The other suspect, Ziba Guy, is a former doctor who used to practice as an obstetrician and gynecologist but doesn't have an active medical license and had been threatening her ex-husband, according to WFSB.

"They weren't going to commit the crime themselves," the ex-husband told the news station. "They are going to solicit it or hire somebody. They can do it with a phone call or text. It's good she's in jail. ... But it's not a relief. Anything can happen at any time."

Christofakis and Guy were arraigned in Milford Superior Court on Thursday, and the arrest warrant is sealed until December 3rd, according to the court.

Christofakis was charged with criminal attempt to commit murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree assault. Guy was charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree assault.

Christofakis and Guy, both former Milford residents, now live on Marsh Hill Road in Orange. 

Christofakis was held in lieu of $1 million bond, and Guy was held in lieu of $500,000 bond.

Both are due back in court Oct. 23.

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