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Hooters Of Milford Competes For Best Burger Title

What do YOU think of Hooters' burgers?

Hooters Of Milford Competes For Best Burger Title Hooters Of Milford Competes For Best Burger Title Hooters Of Milford Competes For Best Burger Title Hooters Of Milford Competes For Best Burger Title Hooters Of Milford Competes For Best Burger Title

When many hear the name, "Hooters," pretty girls in tiny orange shorts come to mind.

Some even find the name of the restaurant offensive and feel it is slang for part of the female anatomy.

None of the above phases me because I am on a mission to find the best burger in town!

When we arrived at Hooters my son was excited to be eating at the "owl" place. We arrived a bit late for dinner -- after 7:30 -- but seating was almost full.

Hooters tends to cater to men and there are flat-screen TV's featuring sports everywhere you turn. That being said, I was happy they offered a paper kid's menu with crayons and a balloon, providing a more family-friendly environment.


Hooters restaurants are known for hot waitresses and wings, but something else they have perfected is service.

At last count, Hooters can be found in 28 countries. Do you think they were able to do this solely based on the fact they have girls in short shorts?

No! They are notorious for catering to the customer. Have you ever been to a Hooters location where you were served by a grumpy waitress?

Hooters even posts signs around the restaurant requesting you to call their 1-800 customer service hotline. They WANT to know how they can improve any aspect of their service.

Sure, other companies offer a customer service number, but how many do you know post it even in their restroom area?

With that being said, our server was bright, cheery and checked on us often. She did not blink an eye when I asked to change my side of baked beans to potato salad -- and exchanged it promptly.

There was also a staff member who made his way to tables asking if he could get us anything.


Tables, floors and all aspects of the restaurant appeared clean.

It puts me at ease when I can view my food being made--most of the kitchen is open near the bar area.


Framed pictures of Hooters girls and other memorabilia and flat-screen TVs decorate the walls of the Milford location.

Basically, this is the ultimate "man cave" -- good food, good service, pretty servers and sports playing at all times.

The Food

My son ordered a kid's meal which included two miniature cheeseburgers with curly fries.

The burgers were just the right size and he enjoyed them, but was distracted with the word games on his menu. I tried a few bites of his cheddar burgers and they were cooked medium, as I requested, and were oozing with cheddar.

He gobbled up his fries and I munched on a few. They were cooked perfectly and lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, but I wasn't impressed. They are suitable for children because they're curly, but they are of average quality. If curly fries are offered I feel they should be more heavily seasoned, especially if they were previously frozen. They are just better that way.

Our dining companion ordered a pound of snow-crab legs. I do not eat crab, but was told they were delicious. Apparently so, seeing he ate every last bite except for the shell. He also informed me Hooters has other seafood options (shrimp, oysters and clams) and all are tasty.

On the adult menu, you have the option of a regular burger, mushroom & swiss, bleu cheese, Western BBQ or build-your-own with toppings you choose.

I chose the bleu-cheese burger cooked medium rare. A large, juicy burger generously topped with bleu cheese on a slightly toasted and buttered, seeded bun arrived. Slices of raw tomato, shredded lettuce and raw onion were on the side along with a pickle quarter and baked beans (a small side of baked beans, cole slaw or potato salad is offered). French fries do not come with burgers unless you request them or are ordering from the kid's menu.

The burger was a lot to eat, but I finished it all. Every bite was juicy and delicious. The bleu cheese was fresh and melted in my mouth along with the bun and beef.

I switched my baked beans for potato salad, which was unnecessary because it was just too much to eat after my burger and lemonade (all fountain drinks are BIG).

Overall, our food was really good. My only gripe is they offer bottled water on the menu, but had none available.

So..Hoot, hoot for Hooters!

Hooters Report Card:

  • Burgers: A
  • Fries: C
  • Restaurant Cleanliness: A
  • Customer Service: A+
  • Family Friendly: B
  • Value For your $: A

What it will Cost You:

Bleu cheese burger platter: $8.99

Kids platter: $3.59, Drink, .79 extra

Snow Crab Legs: $11.99

2 fountain drinks: 2 @2.79 each


$32.90 + tip

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