23 Aug 2014
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Louise Hebert: Quintessential Downtown Person

Louise Hebert partnered with a Milford website developer to embrace the Internet and spread the word about Downtown Milford.

Louise Hebert: Quintessential Downtown Person Louise Hebert: Quintessential Downtown Person Louise Hebert: Quintessential Downtown Person

After the closing of Hebert Jewelers in 2011, many wondered what Louise Hebert would do next.

It turns out that Hebert's plans involved staying true to Downtown Milford and helping the City grow.

As Executive Director of the Downtown Milford Business Association, Louise has strived to make sure everyone thinks of Downtown as "a destination, a place to live, as a place to do business."

Louise pointed out that Downtown Milford technically stretches to Cherry Street, down by Gulf Street, up to Milford Hospital.

"When you think about Downtown in that perspective," Louise said. "You need a website that reflects all of that."

The DMBA website, designed by West Main Street company Humanitects, Inc., contains information about Downtown Milford businesses, photos of the City, how to become a member and information about upcoming events, just to name a few elements.

Louise also posts profiles of Downtown Milford business owners as part of her column 'The Heart and Soul of Downtown,' a segment that is also featured on Milford Patch.

Louise is completely onboard with communicating over the internet. "Everything is via the net," Louise said. "The best way to communicate is through the website."

"I'm a business owner, I'm a landlord," Louise said. "I'm the quintessential downtown person here. I can see the perspectives and how they relate to one another."

Reflecting on a serious topic in Downtown Milford, Louise applauded the work that Police Chief Mello and Mayor Blake have down to increase the Police presence on the weekends in Downtown. 

"There has been this big push," Louise said. "We need to stay on top of this, make it a positive topic of conversation."

Louise's positive outlook has helped her and Milford greatly over the years. It will interesting to see what she does next.

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