Jul 26, 2014

Milford Cinema Sells for $5.8 Million

There are a number of possibilities for development on the newly acquired property.

Milford Cinema Sells for $5.8 Million Milford Cinema Sells for $5.8 Million

At the Economic Development Commimission meeting this morning, it was announced that the site has been bought for $5.8 million.

Ceruzzi Properties, a Fairfield-based company with a history of developing in Milford, has purchased the property.

What Could Be Built There?

"Zoning allows for mixed use," Milford Director of Economic & Community Development Bob Gregory said. Gregory noted that one single tenant could occupy the property, or "it could be a combo of things." 

"As Cyrus [Settineri, Economic Development Commission Chairman] said, they're quality developers who will make something happen," Gregory noted.

Everyone had great ideas about possible occupants during our . Now that Ceruzzi Properties has bought the land, what do you think should be built there?

Another movie theatre, Bob Gregory noted, will not occupy the space.

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