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Milford Fire Department's Busy Day of Floods

A detailed account by Captain Zak of the Milford Fire Department about the work done on Friday, September 28th to deal with flooding.

Milford Fire Department's Busy Day of Floods


On September 28, 2012 a sudden rain storm caused the Milford Fire Departmentto respond to more than 40 calls 4 hour period.

This storm was unusual becausethe flooding did not come from Coastal or River flooding but came from thesudden accumulation of 5” of rain over a short period of time.

At approximately 1230 hours the Milford Fire Department 911 center beganreceiving calls for people stuck in their cars in flood low lying areas. More than20 people had to be rescued by Firefighters from the high waters.

During theheight of the storm, the Fire Department continued to be called upon for thenormal emergency calls that happen on a day to day basis.

One such incidentoccurred at the Court House on West River Street where an HVAC unit wascausing a smell of smoke to be noticed by occupants.

Flooding in buildings was wide spread with considerable amount of water forced the Westfield Mall lower level to be closed and on Naugatuck Avenue an oil tankstored outside was turned on its side by the water causing oil to leak into the rainwater.

This runoff caused extensive flooding inside of ST. Ann’s Church andrequired the Milford Fire Department Hazardous Materials Technicians to workwith the State of CT DEEP and a haz mat clean up company to remove the oil.

On Orchard Street a house had its exterior foundation wall collapse during thestorm. The water and dirt caused interior support columns to be pushed out ofthe way causing an unstable structure.

Firefighters worked inside the structureerecting emergency shoring to prevent further collapse and damage from the house.

At present time, the Milford Fire Department continues to have an increased callvolume of fire alarms due to sporadic power outages.

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