Jul 28, 2014

Milford Schools' Top Twenty Wage Earners

The following list contains the top twenty Milford Public Schools wage earners in 2012.

Milford Schools' Top Twenty Wage Earners Milford Schools' Top Twenty Wage Earners



The 2012 list of Milford Schools wage earners is very similar to the 2011 list, with the addition of former Milford Mayor James Richetelli, who joined the Board of Ed staff in November 2011, replacing Phil Russell.

Both of the teachers on the list are retirees. Their gross wages includes the severance they were paid.

The full list of top 20 Milford Schools wage earners is below, as well as in an attached PDF:

NameTitleGross WagesElizabeth Feser Superintendent $192,307.70 R. Michael Cummings Assistant Superintendent $156,905.30 James Richetelli Chief Operations Officer $137,674.12 Francis Thompson High School Principal $136,959.62 John Barile High School Principal $135,848.09 Linda Scranton  Teacher (retired) $135,065.26 Catherine Williams Middle School Principal $133,377.43 Susan Kelleher Director of Pupil Personnel Services $132,845.67 Gordon Beinstein Middle School Principal $129,806.40 Vince Scarpetti Middle School Principal $129,806.40 Clifford Dudley Elementary Principal $127,960.87 Peter Testagrossa Teacher (retired) $127,804.97 Robert Davis Elementary Principal $126,730.79 Rosemarie Lacobelle Elementary Principal $126,730.79 Sean Smyth Elementary Principal $126,730.79 Carole Swift Elementary Principal $125,683.27 Caroline Keramis Elementary Principal $125,383.23 Sharon Kluchnick Supervisor-Special Education $122,886.49 Carol Scaramella Supervisor-Curriculum K-5/Reading $122,886.49 Christine Kennedy Supervisor-Special Education $121,691.22

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