Jul 28, 2014
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Police: Teen Punches Teacher, Tries to Grab Cop's Gun

Following an alleged altercation with a teacher, the 13-year-old reportedly threatened to kill the officer before trying to grab his gun.

Police: Teen Punches Teacher, Tries to Grab Cop's Gun

A Milford Police Officer suffered minor injuries after being attacked by a 13-year-old who had allegedly just assaulted a West Shore Middle School teacher, according to a report just released by police.

The teen, who is a student at the school, struck a teacher in the facial area following an incident involving the student's cell phone, police said. The officer, who responded to the school at 1:19 p.m. on Feb. 22, located the student in a parking lot on Lenox Avenue.

"The juvenile became verbally abusive and took up a fighting stance with the officer, telling him he was going to take the officer’s gun and shoot the officer with it," the report states. "The juvenile then charged the officer swinging his fists, striking the officer in the left temple area. While struggling with the police officer, the juvenile attempted to remove the firearm from the officer’s duty holster but was unsuccessful."

The teen's identity was not released. He was charged with:

  • Assault on a police officer
  • Interfering with police
  • Third-degree assault
  • Second-degree threatening
  • Second-degree breach of peace

The juvenile was transported to a local hospital for an emergency evaluation, police said, and he is scheduled to appear in juvenile court.

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