15 Sep 2014
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Pop's Family Restaurant!

A glimpse into one of Milford's best eateries!

Pop's Family Restaurant! Pop's Family Restaurant! Pop's Family Restaurant! Pop's Family Restaurant! Pop's Family Restaurant! Pop's Family Restaurant!

Hi everyone! I wanted to tell you about a restaurant that has been in Milford for SO long (Since 1991, to be precise) They are SO good that they had to close the doors to the old location and build a bigger, better building to house all that goodness!! Pop’s Family Restaurant is located at 134 Old Gate Lane, in Milford, right behind the Post mall. (Hint Hint! Go shopping, then skip that yucky food court and go to Pop’s!) 

Me and the Mr. decided to go there last night. We were starved, cranky from the heat and ready to relax from the day and fill our bellies! When we walked in, we were instantly greeted and sat by our hostess. The lighting was bright and the place was beautiful! Open and spacious, you could see the Ice cream bar, and the seating area was clean and comfortable. 

The wait staff was quite busy this night, so it took a moment to get our drink orders, but that gave us plenty of time to look over the menu! It’s extensive without being overwhelming. There is a little bit of everything for everyone. I think they did it right! I usually get breakfast foods when I go here but tonight I thought, hey! try something different!

We ordered the house Nachos to start (minus the jalapeno’s because I’m a wimp!) 

They have crispy, corn tortilla nachos, covered in chili, cheese, lettuce, tomato and jalapeño (unless you’re me!) and comes with two sides of sour cream and salsa. 

These were SO good. The chips were flavorful alone, then you add the obviously house made delicious chili, melty cheese and all the fixings… WHOOOWEEE!! It was hot, delicious and left you wanting more!

Mr. had ordered a Reuben Sandwich and that came with an order of fries. Now, I can’t lie to you. I just CAN’T when it comes to sauerkraut. I love cabbage, but something about sauerkraut makes me want to hit someone. So I did not taste this. You will have to take Mr.’s word for it. 

In between bites, he said “Mmmmisgoodmmmm.” Which I think translates into, “Wow, the meat is juicy and flavorful, the sauerkraut lends a bit of crunch and acidity, the cheese is deliciously melted and the sauce brings it on home!!” I can vouch that the fries are crispy and fresh, as I surely helped myself to them!

I had the Italian Panini. Now, first off let me say that I am a picky Panini person (Say that three times fast!).The Panini was grilled well, although it could have used a few more minutes for my liking, I like it really hot and extra crispy.  I liked the Panini, but there were a few issues for me. First, any time you put fresh anything on a grilled sandwich it makes a mess. This had fresh tomato slices and it made the sandwich kind of soggy, and drippy, so right off the bat, they had to be removed.  The mozzarella cheese was fresh and melty and the ham had good flavor, but it couldn’t stand up to the roasted red peppers. They either need a stronger flavored meat (If you’re going to call it an Italian, I suggest Capicola or Prosciutto, or both!) The ham they used was just a standard boiled ham and it was sliced WAY too thick and piled all right in the middle. I was so sad. 

I wanted to love you, Italian Panini. All I could taste was red pepper and olive. I love both of those, but I don’t want a red pepper and olive Panini. I hope to see a thinner cut ham and less potent pepper when I go back!

And I will be back, because overall, the food is amazing, the staff is super friendly, the prices are right on the money (see what I did there! ha!!) and the location is both convenient and gorgeous!

You should try them out too! If you are from Milford, then you probably have already been, but if not you better get your behinds there!!

Also, have the chocolate milk. You will not be disappointed. SO GOOD.


POP’S Family Restaurant
134 Old Gate Lane
Milford, CT 06460
Phone – (203)876-1210
FAX – (203)701-0033
Open Monday-Saturday 5:00AM-9:00PM
Sunday 6:00AM-9:00PMFind them on  Facebook

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