23 Aug 2014
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Who Makes The Best Burger In Town?

Mr. Mac's Canteen?

Who Makes The Best Burger In Town? Who Makes The Best Burger In Town? Who Makes The Best Burger In Town? Who Makes The Best Burger In Town? Who Makes The Best Burger In Town? Who Makes The Best Burger In Town?

Mr. Mac's is a popular burger joint near downtown Milford.

The menu consists of classic, no-frill burgers, hot dogs, fries, mozzarella sticks, shakes and other items typical of this type of venue. They also have bison burgers for those who prefer a leaner meat.

We are not newcomers to Mr. Mac's, so I pretty much had my mind made up before I got in line.

At Mr. Mac's, you place your order at the cashier and they call you when it's ready.

Our server rang us up while he was dishing out hot-dog toppings for another order. They are quite efficient here and have the assembly line down pat.

I was pleasantly surprised our order was ready in just a few minutes, especially seeing the steady line of customers before and after us.

My son dined on a plain burger with ketchup. The burger was thinly rolled out beef between a fresh bakery bun. The burger was average, while the bun scored extra points. Thick and fresh was the name of this bun's game.

My son and I split an order of fries. The fries came in one size and were your average krinkle-cut freezer fries. They were fried crispy and even though there appeared to be no remnant of oil on them, every bite tasted greasy.

On to my burger.....as I examined my 1/3-pounder, I strained to tell the difference between this and my son's. Well, it did appear larger in height due to my addition of lettuce. I thought back to McDonald's 1/3-pounders which seem much larger..hmmmm..My final determination of Mr. Mac's 1/3-pound burger was this: the super-thin patty appeared to be rolled out longer than its smaller counterpart.

I realize the cost difference between my son's burger and my 1/3-pound cheeseburger was just over a dollar, but I was still disappointed. I thought I was ordering the biggest burger on the menu--instead I was grasping for burger between bread. "One-third pound of bread" is a more suitable name.

After our burgers and fries, we had caramel and strawberry shakes.

"You gotta try this, Mom," my son said between slurps of his strawberry drink.

The shakes will suffice if you don't mind overly sweet and syrupy. I like sweet, but I would prefer a "real" shake from one of the parlors around town.

If you are looking for an inexpensive but palatable, quick bite to eat that is a step above fast-food franchises, this is the place to go.

Mr. Mac's Canteen Report Card:

Burgers: C- (They tasted average, but they scored even lower for skimping on the meat.)

Fries: C

Restaurant Cleanliness: A

Customer Service: A+

Family Friendly: A

Value For your $: B



Hamburger: $2.15

1/3 Pound cheeseburger: $3.25

Fries: $1.75

2 small shakes: 2 @ $2.50/each


Total: $12.92 w/ tax



Mr. Mac's also offers breakfast sandwiches during morning hours.






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