Jul 26, 2014
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Who Makes The Best Pizza In Town?

The Grand Finale!

Who Makes The Best Pizza In Town? Who Makes The Best Pizza In Town? Who Makes The Best Pizza In Town? Who Makes The Best Pizza In Town? Who Makes The Best Pizza In Town?

Is there any pizza left in town because I believe we ate it all--29 weeks of every slice in the city.

We've had everything from sicilian to egg and bacon pie!

My kids and I had much fun on our mission. As I was writing this column tonight, I decided it was unfair that I choose the best pizza in town when there were two reviews I hadn't written myself due to being absent. One was an establishment I had visited countless times on my own but the other I hadn't visited in years. To be fair, I headed to Franco's pizzeria downtown this evening for dinner. Good thing we did, because after a bite of Franco's, it pushed another out of the running!

Before being area pizza "connoisseur," my daughter's favorite pizza was Slices on Naugatuck Avenue. She then changed it to Mama Teresa's but after this evening decided Franco's was the best she has had in town. My son, well, he is a little guy and his favorite pizza is--every pizza.

This wasn't an easy decision for me because I have had really good pizza at many places. We are lucky to live in a town that has the flavor of New York- and New Haven-style pizza around.


Best Brick Oven Pizza:  Mozzarella 

1st place: Papa's Pizza

2nd place: Jimmy's

3rd Place: Paisan's

Honorable mention: Al Dente


Best Pizza (no brick oven):


1st place: Michael Anthony's

2nd place: Franco's

3rd place: Armellino's

Honorable mention: Mama Teresa's


Best meat pie:


1st: East Shore Pizza's Meat Lover's pie

2nd: Athen's chicken cordon bleu pie

3rd: Papa's pepperoni pie


Best Veggie Pie:


There is only one of these! The best broccoli pie ever created is at Franco's! If you are a reader of my column you know just how much I love broccoli. Franco serves up a mozzarella pie with chopped broccoli covering every inch and seasoned perfectly with garlic.


Gone but not forgotten:

~Bazso's clams casino and Peter Pan's chili pies~

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