Jul 26, 2014
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A Big, Blue, 96-Gallon Recycling Cart in Every Driveway

Residential Waste Systems plans to wheel out large recycling carts for all of its Monroe customers and make pickups every other week.

A Big, Blue, 96-Gallon Recycling Cart in Every Driveway
Rather than carrying overflowing blue recycle bins to the curb, Monroe residents will soon be wheeling out 96-gallon carts every other week. Aside from being more convenient for homeowners, John Bria, operations manager of Residential Waste Systems, which now serves the entire town, says the move will reduce his company's carbon footprint with less truck runs, as well as the tonage costs it pays.

Most Monroe residents who recycle currently use 16-gallon bins.

"This is a $353,000 investment we're making for the town," said Bria, who had been a longtime Monroe resident before his family moved to Milford.

Bria says switching to the 96-gallon carts in other towns has led to a 30% average increase in people recycling. His company also serves Trumbull. 

The carts and Residential Waste Systems' website have information on what materials should go into the bins. The website also has contact information for the office and explains how to put out the bins, because all of RWS's trucks are fully automated. 

First Selectman Steve Vavrek said the town's website also has useful information on recycling.

The first selectman said RWS bought out Enviro, so he is working on a new contract. However, he said the terms will be the same.

"This is no extra cost for Monroe," he said Tuesday.

The only cost Bria mentioned is a $10 monthly fee for customers who do not want to wait for the entire town to switch over to the larger containers. The reason for the fee is that a separate truck capable of picking up the 96 gallon bin would have to be sent out for those pick ups, according to Bria.

On Monday night, Bria and his father John, who owns RWS, made a presentation to the Town Council.

First Selectman Steve Vavrek voiced his support for switching over to the 96-gallon carts and making pickups biweekly. 

"A lot of people hardly ever fill up their bins on a weekly basis," he said. "To me, it makes sense. These guys are doing it the right way. They lived in Monroe for many years and it's their way of giving back."

Here's the link to the landing page with a Monroe guide and RWS's next holiday schedule alert:  http://www.residentialwastesystems.com/monroe-ct-recycling-services/

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