Jul 28, 2014
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Eagle Project Solves Flooding Problem on Gusky Pond [VIDEO]

Beavers wreaked havoc at Gusky Pond and one resident worsened problems for his neighbors downstream before Matthew Morabito and Monroe Animal Control got involved.

A beaver dam on Gusky Pond flooded a man's property on Blanket Meadow Road, so he opened it up, unwittingly flooding his neighbors downstream.

Animal Control Officer Ed Risko said the secondary dam should have been opened up first, before tackling the primary one. He did just that to allow a group of three boys to lower the level of the pond as part of Matthew Morabito's Eagle Scout Project.

Morabito, who goes to Masuk High School, is a Boy Scout in Monroe's Troop 163.

When Morabito was trying to come up with an idea for his Eagle project, Brian McCauley, a lieutenant in the Monroe Police Department, told him that Risko needed help with flooding problems at Gusky Pond.

After Internet searches and consultations with Don Goff of Beardsley Zoo and Masuk biology teacher Chris Overcash, Morabito came up with a design to get water flowing through the dam.

On Oct. 21, three volunteers under Morabito's direction installed five pipes in a criss-cross pattern. The water flows through the pipes, which are six inches in diameter with strainer caps on the ends of the pipes on the south side of the dam, so debris can't clog it.

"You can't go any larger than six inches and any smaller doesn't let the leaves go through," Risko explained.

Risko said the three volunteers stood in waist deep in frigid water at one point during the project.

"Not me," Morabito said with a laugh. "It was my Eagle Project."

The Boy Scout going for his Eagle cannot perform the actual work for his project. Instead, he has to display leadership by supervising volunteers to ensure the job is done right.

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