Jul 29, 2014
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First Selectman Wants to Govern on Four-Wheels

First Selectman Steve Vavrek is requesting a four-wheel-drive vehicle in the 2013-14 budget to allow him to get around in all types of terrain.

First Selectman Wants to Govern on Four-Wheels

Winter brings snow, sleet and ice, which can make it harder to get around when you have two-wheel-drive and are always on call. First Selectman Steve Vavrek is asking for $30,000 in his 2013-14 budget for a car with four-wheel-drive.

"It hinders a the first selectman not to have four-wheel-drive when it's 24/7," Vavrek said of his job.

Vavrek told the Town Council during a budget workshop last Thursday that he believes the town will be able to buy a car for less than $30,000, adding the town should save money on gas efficiency too. The vehicle would be passed on from first selectman to first selectman.

Vavrek said first selectmen in other towns have four-wheel-drive vehicles, which are more efficient.

Council members asked if the police department has a four-wheel drive vehicle that could be converted for Vavrek's use, but he said all of the police vehicles are being used.

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