Jul 28, 2014
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P&Z Cancels Public Hearing on Chalk Hill's Future

Commission Chairman Richard Zini says there is not enough information to hold a hearing.

P&Z Cancels Public Hearing on Chalk Hill's Future

Planning & Zoning Commission Chairman Richard Zini sent the following email to the First Selectman's Office and to members of the Town Council and boards of Finance and Education.  

At its most recent Planning and Zoning Commission meeting in July, it was the general consensus and opinion of its member body that the Public Hearing/Joint Meeting of the elected boards and commissions regarding Chalk Hill, scheduled for Monday, July 16, 2012, be cancelled. As you are aware, the purpose of this joint hearing/session was to hold a public discussion forum for the future planning regarding the Chalk Hill School facility.

The PZ Commission's overall position is that to hold this meeting would be unproductive in light that the Commission has not received the requested information pertaining to uses and related financial planning information as requested through its standing CIFAP subcommittee, or as requested directly by the Commission itself.

Although CIFAP did circulate copies of the 2008 and 2010 Chalk Hill study reports that were on file in Town Hall, no other formal information has been submitted to PZC as of this date.

The necessary information has not been forthcoming in order to properly discuss and review publicly the facts and matters at hand regarding Chalk Hill. As there is also no proposed "business" plan or proposal to be presented or discussed by the Administration or any private interest at this meeting, it would be unfair to the volunteer electorate to sacrifice valuable time at a forum that is not completely informed on the necessary information for proper capital planning.

The Planning and Zoning Commission thanks its fellow electorate for their support and interest in a planning process for the Town of Monroe's future. Hopefully, future public forums will be provided the necessary information to properly inform the taxpayers and general public of Monroe.

The Planning and Zoning Commission would greatly appreciate if the Chairs of each Board/Commission would distribute this memorandum to your membership in order to keep all those involved properly informed.

Thank you for your time and consideration regarding this matter.

With best regards on behalf of the Commission,

Richard Zini, Chairman

Planning and Zoning Commission

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