Jul 28, 2014
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Parks & Rec Fall Pamphlet Leads Residents to the Web

Rather than a thick booklet, the department is mailing a brochure.

Parks & Rec Fall Pamphlet Leads Residents to the Web

Residents can expect to find a colorful pamphlet highlighting the Parks & Recreation Department's Fall programs in their mailboxes this weekend. Rather than thicker, more detailed booklets, the fold-out brochures will offer short descriptions of programs, while encouraging families to visit the Parks & Rec website for more information.

"We're giving you an entree, just enough," Parks & Recreation Dir. Frank Cooper said of the information in the mailing. "It will highlight what's being offered."

On the website, visitors can register for Parks & Recreation Department programs and learn about other ones not featured in the brochure.

Part of the decision to switch to a smaller, fold-out pamphlet this year is financial, according to Cooper, who said printing two-to-three brochures is equal to the cost of printing one booklet.


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Aside from the size, the number of mailings may also decrease. The town used to publish program booklets in the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Cooper is considering printing brochures in the Fall and Winter and combining one for the Spring and Summer.

Unlike last year's Fall booklet, not all programs will be included in the brochure.

"Many programs offered last year were unsuccessful and there wasn't significant enough return on investment," Cooper said. "We looked at the programs that were more successful last fall and included it in our brochure. This is what people told us they're interested in."

Among some of the successful programs being featured are youth basketball, youth karate classes and adult co-ed volleyball.

"We also put in a couple of new offerings," Cooper said.

Social Communication & Dining Skills, an etiquette program for children, is one of the new programs, along with meditation and yoga.

Monroe Parks & Recreation will also team up with its counterpart in Oxford for two trips. One will be to the Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts for a traditional Thanksgiving on Nov. 3, and another to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular in New York on Nov. 18.

"We're partnering with our friends at the Oxford Parks & Recreation Department, so we have enough bulk for two trips," Cooper said of the number of people signing up.

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