Jul 29, 2014
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This is What All of June Looks Like

The month of June included a $1 million commercial transaction as Monroe's Real Estate market picked up steam.

Anthony R. and Gary A. Mastronardi sold a condo at 4 Hidden Knolls Circle to Benjamin E. Gershel for $80,000 on June 1.

Gary Howden sold a condo at 26 Boulder Ridge Road to Maria Grace Ferreira for $173,000 on June 1.

Marie A. DeFrancis sold a condo at 20 Nutmeg Circle to Matthew DeLuca for $162,000 on June 4.

The Estate of Howard Smith sold a house at 135 Walnut Street to Lester and Modesta Gee for $205,000 on June 4.

Barbara Testani sold a condo at 17 Hollow Tree Lane to Charles Goncalves for $195,000 on June 4.

Anne P. and Clinton S. Rickards sold a house at 3 Harmony Lane to Sara L. and Patrick C. Eisenman for $420,000 on June 5.

Edward Hagerty sold a house at 772 Monroe Turnpike to Brandi Happy for $220,000 on June 8.

Joyce H. Orgera sold a condo at 21 Hidden Knolls Circle to John R. Rose Sr. for $105,000 on June 11.

618 Main Street LLC sold commercial property at 618 Main Street to Carpenters Union Local 210 for $1 million on June 11.


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Margarita Valero and John Losifidis sold a condo at 85 Old Colony Road to Monika and Sanjeev Koul for $421,000 on June 15.

The Estate of Nora Loughran sold a condo at 79 Hidden Knolls Circle to Joseph Sagnelli for $97,000 on June 18.

Irene Firmender sold a house at 8 Walnut Street to Thomas Kilroy for $123,500 on June 18.

Erika T. and Thomas W. Kean sold a condo at 2 Cascade Circle to David J. Piwowarski for $238,000 on June 25.

Lauren K. and Robert M. Orlando sold a house at 1 Stonecroft Way to Debra M.Derenzis for $370,000 on June 25.

Kim M. and Stephen A. Douglas sold a house at 5 Trotters Lane to Laura B. and Gregory W. Dowling for $642,500 on June 25.

Virginia and Joseph Cavanaugh sold a house at 33 Great Hollow Road to Pamela S. and James R. Zambarano for $425,000 on June 25.

Susan D. Runko sold a house at 8 Saddle Hill Road to Lauren K. and Robert M. Orlando for $471,000 on June 25.

Debra Derenzis sold a house at 11 Grindstone Lane to Josephine Ricca and James Usiak for $645,000 on June 25.

Kelli and Brad Postema sold a house at 31 Rodeo Drive to American International Relocation Solutions Inc. for $639,000 on June 26.

American International Relocation Solutions Inc. sold 31 Rodeo Drive to Justin Persico for $639,000 on June 26.

Maire and Michael J. Sutton sold a house at 159 Church Street to Jeffrey and Ines Dodge for $498,000 on June 28.

Marcia Cady sold a house at 3 Lazy Brook Road to Jacklyn and Michael Gabriel for $395,000 on June 29.

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