Jul 28, 2014
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She Rode a Horse As Her Stalker Slowly Drove By

A female college told police a male classmate keeps showing up at places she frequents. Officers also investigated credit card fraud, harassing texts and a possible burglary attempt. A girl was injured on Lake Zoar.

She Rode a Horse As Her Stalker Slowly Drove By

A Stalking Complaint

A Western Connecticut State University student told police Aug. 16 that a fellow student has been stalking her, showing up at places she frequents in Danbury, Brookfield and New Milford before slowly driving past a property in Monroe twice while she was horseback riding there.

She told police she did not want them to contact him and just wanted it to be documented, according to the report.

Credit Card Fraud

A Bart Road man received a new American Express card in the mail — the only problem was, he never applied for it, according to a police report on Friday.

He called American Express, which canceled the account and suggested that he file a police report, destroy the cards, check with the three major credit agencies and flag all of his accounts, police said.

Girl Injured on the Lake

A 13-year-old girl was injured on Lake Zoar at around 4 p.m. Friday, when her father's boat hit a wake and she fell overboard, catching her leg on one of the motor's propellers.

Police said the girl's father was riding his small white boat in circles while towing a tube when he caught the wake. After the accident he wrapped his daughter's injured leg tightly in a towel and an officer helped him to carry her to a waiting ambulance, according to the report.

The Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection was notified of the accident.

Someone Was in Her Garage

A Hillside Lane woman told police Friday that she believed someone may have been in her house when she was gone.

Police said she came home at 2:45 p.m. and both garage doors were open. She told officers she had never left the doors open and that her husband and daughter did not know the garage was open.

When she asked a neighbor about it, police said he told her he saw a vehicle he did not recognize parked in the garage with both doors open. He also saw a young, blonde male standing at the end of her driveway at around 8:30 a.m. one day earlier in the week, police said.

The homeowner believes the man may have taken the garage door opener from her husband's car in an attempt to get inside the house, according to police.

However, police said there were no signs of entry into the house and that nothing appeared to be missing.

Harassing Texts

A Woodlawn Road man who sold a car to a man on Craig's List for cash, told police that the customer later sent a series of texts complaining about the car engine and demanding his money back. When one text message appeared to be a threat, he called police on Saturday, according to the report.

A police officer called the man who sent the texts and warned him against having further contact with the complainant, according to police.

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