Jul 29, 2014

Power Outage Was Caused by Overuse

Montville's grid just couldn't handle the demand

Power Outage Was Caused by Overuse Power Outage Was Caused by Overuse

When the power went out on Friday night, 2,500 people were left without lights, air conditioning or electricity.

Fire Marshal Ray Occhialini detailed the issues Monday night, in his report to the Public Safety Commission.

Power went out from St. Bernard School, along Route 32, and along side roads in either direction, Occhialini said.

The problem, according to Occhialini and Mayor Joe Jaskiewicz, is that Montville’s power grid simply could not handle the demands placed on it.

“It was strictly usage,” Jaskiewicz said, “Nothing blew up,” no one ran into a telephone pole. The demand was just too high.

Occhialini said that power was out at Stop & Shop, Chili’s, the three hotels in town, Home Depot, Stoneridge nursing home, and all the residences in between.

The fire departments were helping police direct traffic, Occhialini said.

“The mayor almost wanted to open the shelter. But how do you notify people?” he asked.

The state was not helpful, Jaskiewicz said, though the state police did help.

“When you call the state,” Jaskiewicz said, “they tell you (they) will not get involved. Period. When we take on the responsibility of maintaining the intersections, it’s our responsibility,” he said. “We can’t have people crashing into each other.”

Occhialini thanked Montville Police Lt. Leonard Bunnell for  getting traffic control out during power outage. “If we have a long heat wave, our grid can’t hold the power,” Occhialini said.  


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