Jul 28, 2014

Fire Breaks Out in Naugatuck Elementary School Wednesday

Fire Breaks Out in Naugatuck Elementary School Wednesday
A small fire broke out in a first floor bathroom at Salem Elementary School on Meadow Street in Naugatuck on Wednesday morning. Fire Chief Ken Hanks said a custodian snuffed out the flames quickly with a fire extinguisher at 10:19 a.m. No injuries were reported.

Chief Hanks stated that there was minimal damage to the bathroom and it was too early to tell whether the garbage can in the bathroom is where the fire originated.

The school was evacuated for about an hour while firefighters investigated the cause of the fire. Firefighters aired out the building before students and staff were allowed to return. Firefighters are still working to determine the cause.

Students and staff have regular fire drills which prepared them al for this real life situation.  Salem Elementary School serves students in grades kindergarten through fourth grade.

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