Jul 28, 2014

SportsBeat: Pick the All Naugatuck Team

Who do you think are the borough's top players of all time.

SportsBeat: Pick the All Naugatuck Team

Take a few moments to reflect on some of the best athletes you've seen in high school sports.

Are you thinking of an athlete who continuously made incredible plays to put the team over the top? The player who so dominated the sport that it didn't seem fair to the competition? The guy or girl who made you say, "Wow!" 

From my era in Naugatuck sports, there were players like Joey Edmonds, whose football heroics on Thanksgiving Day is the stuff of legend. There was current Naugy basketball coach Mike Wilson, who proved that the cities didn't always have the best hoopsters. And there was a kid named Brian Mariano, the only person I know who can say he lost a national sports award to a little guy named Derek Jeter.

If I were putting together an all time team for Naugatuck sports, those three would be on my ballot. What I'm asking you is to come up with your own nominees for our list of the top 20 players, male or female, from any sport, for the all Naugatuck team. 

Nominate players in the comments section, and watch the debates ensue. In a couple of weeks, we will come up with a list of top players and create a poll so you can vote for the top 20.

Encourage friends to vote and good luck to the nominees.

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