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Faces of New Canaan: Glen K. Dunbar

We jumpstart a new series by chatting with New Canaan Patch's most prolific commenter. Meet Glen K. Dunbar.

Faces of New Canaan: Glen K. Dunbar


[Editor’s Note: Here’s installment No. 1 of a new series, “Faces of New Canaan,” where we’ll chat with some of the people you recognize from around town without knowing just who they are or ever really meeting them. These aren’t residents well known around town for the positions or fame they hold—celebrities or heads of our town government or business community—but they’re as visible and familiar as anyone and we associate them with New Canaan. Have a good nominee for the series? Tell us in the comments or email New Canaan Patch editor Lisa Buchman at lisab@patch.com.]


Glen K. Dunbar, New Canaan Patch’s most prolific commenter, met us Wednesday at Dunkin’ Donuts on Elm Street on his 52nd birthday. A familiar face around town as well as this community website, Glen K. Dunbar told us what the ‘K’ stands for (Kennard), what he loves most about New Canaan (this may surprise you) and what his favorite hobby is (this may not). Surrounded by the regular morning crew at the coffee shop, Glen—the only Patch user in New Canaan to spawn impersonators—received plenty of friendly “Hellos” and “How ya doins” from passersby while we talked. He speaks with a slight lisp and wears a permanent smile.

Patch: So where were you born?

Glen: Norwalk Hospital.

Where do you work?

[An investment firm] off of Exit 9 in Stamford, doing accounting and back office work. I’m an accounting clerk, doing accounts payable and receivable. Data entry.

Talk to me about your life. You seem pretty miserable from your comments on Patch, and you’re very consistent about that. Is it really that bad?

Yes (laughing). I don’t know why I do that. Some people do drugs, some people drink. I write. My parents pretty much took care of me my whole life and all I worried about was whether to go to Gates or Cherry Street. Then all the sudden my dad got sick in 2009 and passed away in 2010 and I had to start taking care of everything. My mom now she’s in a nursing home and I don’t know what we’re going to do. I guess that’s why I’m panicking.

I’m sorry about your troubles. These are things I haven’t heard you say explicitly on Patch. You post comments from a very consistent point of view.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s really worth it or if there’s any point to it. I have had people say I should not post at all.

Let’s talk about things you like to do.

I like to hang out at places like Gates, hang out after work. Of course I walk and do not drive. I like to go to the Met in New York to the opera. Of course I don’t do that now. Used to go every day and a double-header on Saturdays.

Who are your favorite composers?

I like the operas that I like. I like Wagner. Richard Strauss.

Do you sing?

Used to.

What’s a typical day like for you?

I take the train home, go to the New Canaan Diner and have some tea before I go home, whatever my daughter and wife have for dinner, they take care of that. The diner is like my home away from home. The people there are my real friends.

What do you like best about this town?

I like the location, the close walk to the train. I’m on Heritage Hill Road. And I love the people in this town. Don’t tell them that but I really do. You don’t have to be afraid to walk down the street at night. It’s a real great community.

Tell me something about you that nobody knows.

Even though I have a rough exterior on Patch, I’m really very sensitive and all I really want is to be loved, which I’m not really.

Glen, you are talking like you comment on the site. It always ends up with this sort of “Woe is me.” Why is that?

I guess hopefully somebody will throw me a rope and offer a solution.

You really think that will happen?

I don’t know.

Let’s talk about something else. What other things are you into, besides opera?

I have started in the stock market. And I like to play the horses.

Yeah, any time we do a Visions for Vacancies, you say you want an off-track betting outfit.

I forgot to mention by favorite hobby: Flirting with beautiful girls. Yes, I’m serious.

Who is your worst enemy?

The weatherman. I don’t really have any enemies per se.

What is it about the opera that you like so much?

The passion of the music. I can fantasize that I am in the opera. Sometimes I think my life is an opera.

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