Jul 29, 2014

Mallozzi Has My Vote!

by Paul Foley, Town Council member

Mallozzi Has My Vote!

I am that lone Republican member of the Town Council who is supporting Rob Mallozzi for First Selectman. My independent, thoughtful approach to the way this town is governed has not endeared me to my fellow Republican Town Council members. My style is to spend your tax dollars the same way I spend my own. I have never looked to see how the vote was going and then picked the politically correct choice. I have always put New Canaan first and kept politics out.

Rob Mallozzi takes a similar path. He is a straight talker, a clear thinker, and has a measured practical approach to town government. I have worked side by side with Rob over the years and have found him inclusive and open. 

Rob has always been pro education. He will continue to work with our superintendent, as well as Board of Education members, to provide them with the resources necessary to enhance our school system. To suggest Rob is otherwise is simply dishonest and a political assault.

Rob has many ideas to preserve the character of our town. He has a plan to promote our restaurants and retail stores. Rob will create a long range plan with local talented taxpayers, not with expensive out of town consulting firms. He will prioritize our current needs and plan for tomorrow’s challenges.

Rob will be prudent with our future bonding needs and will restore our cash balance back to the safe level of 10 percent of our expenses.

My friends, I have known Rob Mallozzi for 20 years. He has always been honest, comfortable in his own skin, and has never marketed himself as someone he is not. I support Rob Mallozzi for First Selectman and ask that you do as well.

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