Jul 29, 2014
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*Meep, Meep* Coyote Season Comes to New Canaan

New Canaan Animal Control talks coyote season and their distaste for being whistled at.

New Canaan Police Department animal control officer Mary Ann Kleinschmitt this week warns area pet owners to be cautious as warmer weather brings about more coyote activity in the region.

"As Spring gets into full swing, we're getting more and more people calling us," Kleinschmitt said. "We start seeing them more during coyote birthing season with the males heading out on their own to bring back food for the females, who stay with the young."

Kleinschmitt said the department received 51 calls throughout last year, with sitings ranging from Jan. 24 to Dec. 13. 

"Whistles are a great was to keep coyotes away," she said. "Coyotes are not generally antagonistic toward humans. They don't want to be around humans and a healthy coyote is very seldom going to attack a human. Carry a whistle with you, blow the whistle, cack up slowly and give them a wide berth."


March 19

  • 12:30 a.m., Millport Avenue: A neighbor reported a pet owner handling their dog in a "cruel fashion." The dog was found roaming around by the complainant, who notified the owner. When the owner arrived to pick up the animal, he allegedly lifted it by the collar and carried it home in the same apartment building. Police said an investigation is ongoing. 

March 22

  • 12:55 p.m., Tallamidge Hill Train Station: A female commuter called to state she believed a dog had been struck by a train. The MTA confirmed a yellow lab had been involved in an accident. The dog was found to be tagged and the owners, from Darien, were notified of the loss upon arrival to the New Canaan Police Station. 

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