Jul 29, 2014

'Politics — Go Figure'

The best of today's comments from Patch account-holders in your town and neighboring communities.

'Politics — Go Figure'


FAIRFIELD: "This entire scenario seems quite ironic to me. We have a RTM member that wants to censure previous public officials for not respecting other town bodies and the rules that govern the administration and interaction between each and the public. But, the RTM member fails to follow the rules that govern his own body. The motion to censure was raised under the New Business part of the agenda. It therefore cannot be voted on in the same meeting. Chapter 115 Sec1 subsection 33 of the Town Code states: 'Any matter not on the Warning for a meeting except: a) honorary resolutions and b) matters previously held in committee, may be discussed at such meeting but shall not be acted or voted upon until the resolution stands over one meeting. The body may, by a majority vote, limit the time to be allotted for such discussion.' Had the RTM member been sincere in his resolve to bring forth a bipartisan motion, one must ask why did he not bring it through committee and have it properly placed on the agenda so the public had notice that such a motion was going to be debated. Instead the motion was brought up under New Business with no public notice. Isn't that the chief complaint against the previous administration? That they did things under the cover of night and sprang them on the public? Politics — go figure. We need to demand better from everyone involved." This is one reader's response to a , who was reacting to last Monday's motion to censure former First Selectman Ken Flatto and former Town Attorney Richard Saxl.

GREENWICH: "Congratulations on 20 years! I can remember as a child always walking by your first shop with customers bustling in and out as my father and I walked into the thrift shop next door. We ate all of our meals at home. My mother was a very good cook. And I always wanted to try your place. Well, I was at a house party in Glenville this summer and I finally got to taste your food. I know how you stayed in business that long. The food was all so amazing and that fried zucchini was over the top and fabulous. I could eat it every day! Here's to the next twenty. Again, congratulations." This is one reader's response to an announcement celebrating .

NORWALK: "I would rather have them drinking at a house with an adult present then in some parking lot behind a strip mall like I used to do." This is one reader's response to disturbance on Pine Hill Avenue last Friday that resulted in a .

TRUMBULL: "Why are the Democrats so hell bent on keeping people down? Where is the long-term vision and plan to make CT attractive to big companies again to bring jobs and promotional opportunities back to our state? And if Malloy is truly concerned about small business, then get rid of some of the regulations and taxes that are killing them." This is one reader's response to news that Democratic lawmakers are p

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