Jul 28, 2014
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The Little Things: Bench at Elm Street Books

Here's the debut installment of "The Little Things," where we'll record small acts of consideration that people do for each other here in New Canaan. No act of kindness is too small to appreciate.

The Little Things: Bench at Elm Street Books The Little Things: Bench at Elm Street Books


We're changing the frequency of our recently launched "REALLY?" feature—where we record some of those aggravating, puzzling things that people do, things that make us beat our fists (or at least scratch our heads)—to every other week, and in the odd week we're installing the new feature you're reading.

"The Little Things" is a place to record those small acts of kindness or consideration here in New Canaan that may go unnoticed on a busy day or during a bad week. The idea was inspired while watching the grocers at New Canaan fixture Walter Stewart's one afternoon last week assist a disabled customer to her car to load groceries. That's not something that Stewart's has to do, but it makes a difference to this town and helps make New Canaan what it is.

All the information about what we're highlighting in this feature will be contained right in the caption, save for those times (such as today) when we are featuring an organization or business that has a directory link here in New Canaan Patch where our readers can say something about it.

If you'd like to post a review or otherwise say something about the subject of "The Little Things," click on the link below and do so. 

If you'd like to acknowledge a "Little Thing" you've noticed yourself, snap a pic, click "Upload Photos & Videos" and let us know about it in your own caption (we'll feature it on the New Canaan Patch homepage). The more obscure, the less noticeable, the better. It could be a neighbor who takes extra care to present a tidy, enjoyable flower garden out front for passersby, or a new, easy-to-use plastic lid for your morning to-go cup at a local coffee shop. Today, it's:


Elm Street Books


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