Jul 29, 2014

What's Open -- And What's Not -- On Washington's Birthday

On Monday, all government offices, including schools and post offices, will be closed.

What's Open -- And What's Not -- On Washington's Birthday

Monday, Feb. 21, is considered a federal holiday, and state and local governments, including both Connecticut and the city of Norwalk, close most offices. Banks in Connecticut  have the option of remaining open, but must announce it well in advance. 

The state Labor Department offices are closed Monday with the exception of the TeleBenefits Call Centers. They will remain open for claims filing that day from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. According to a Labor Department news release:

"Although claimants can use the Labor Department’s automated TeleBenefits phone system or theWebBenefits online system to file, the February 21 holiday opening will be especially helpful in assisting individuals that need to speak with a Customer Service Representative to complete an unemployment insurance claim." (To read the news release, a PDF file, click  here.)

In federal law, the name is "Washington's Birthday," not "President's Day," and that's  how the federal government refers to it, although some states (not Connecticut) and organizations use the other name.

The following are CLOSED Monday:

  • Banks and credit unions  in New York state and elsewhere outside of Connecticut (and some banks in Connecticut—banks here may remain open if they announce it well in advance)
  • Public schools in New Canaan are on vacation all week
  • State offices (except state Department of Motor Vehicles offices)

The following are OPEN Monday:

  • Banks and credit unions, perhaps— they may remain open at their discretion in Connecticut
  • State Labor Department TeleBenefits Call Centers (although the rest of the Labor Department will be closed Monday).
  • Restaurants, retail and grocery stores
  • Other businesses

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