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5 Spring Cleaning Tips With An Organic Twist

Sheila Gagne of Maid Organic talks about how to spring clean your home without using harsh chemicals.

5 Spring Cleaning Tips With An Organic Twist 5 Spring Cleaning Tips With An Organic Twist
This article was written and reported by Patch Field Editor Jayme Kunze.

With warmer weather comes spring cleaning season!  Maid Organic owner Sheila Gagne advises cleaners on how to best scrub out the winter grime this spring, using organic cleaning products.

1. Before the cleaning begins, declutter your home

For Gagne, taking out all the excess clutter from your home is the first step to organizing and preparing for a spring cleaning."Just decluttering your home helps declutter your brain and your life," she said. "Toys the kids aren't using anymore, a sofa that's been in the basement for five years, put it by the curb for pick up or even with a "for free" sign."

2. Get rid of winter dust build up.

Dust is the first dirt to attack during a household spring cleaning!Gagne recommends a thorough search for dust build up. Beyond just dusting the furniture, she suggests that cleaners pull out the couch and appliances, vacuum under the cushions and air out the pillows to get the house fresh for spring.Other dust magnets to tackle? Stuffed animals that can be thrown in the washer, bedding, winter comforters and those often-neglected air filters.

"If people aren't maintaining their air filters during winter and not changing them frequently enough, the dust is building up," Gagne said.

She added that dust can be a health concern for those with asthma or allergies, due to pet dander and dust mites.Gagne also recommends just opening up the windows and airing out the house.

"There's only a short time in the spring that you have your windows open before people turn the AC on again," she said.

Gagne recommends the Maidorganic All-Purpose Spray or, simply vinegar, to dust organically around the home. Cleaners who use vinegar can air out the house for a short time to get rid of any odor.

3. Walls need cleaning, too!

For a complete spring cleaning, Gagne suggests that homeowners give their walls a good scrubbing for those food stains and unsightly dog drool marks.

"For an old-school approach, just use a rag and bucket of warm water, and perhaps some soap or vinegar," she recommended.

A microfiber cloth or piece of an old shirt would also work well for wall cleaning. And, all types of walls, from tile to wallpaper and paint, can be gently scrubbed, according to Gagne. 

To take the cleaning a step further, Gagne suggests that homeowners wash the curtains or even just throw them in the dryer for 20 minutes to kill dust mites and get rid of wrinkles. Drapery can also be hung on the clothesline.

4. Clean windows for a sparkling home, inside and out

Window cleaning is a crucial step of spring cleaning, especially for homes near bustling roads.

"If you live near a busy street, there are lots of pollutants on the windows from the cars and salt and sand from the winter plowing," Gagne said. 

It's important to remove the allergens and pollutants before they make their way into your home, she added.

"Allergens can sit on the windows, so when you open those up, they get redistributed," she said.

Gagne recommends  using a vinegar and water based solution, perhaps infused with peppermint oil, which is a natural bug deterrent, to clean the windows. 

5. Vacuum and scrub until your floors glisten

The final step of a thorough spring cleaning includes cleaning all the floor surfaces in your home.According to Gagne, it is absolutely essential to vacuum carpets to remove pet dander and allergens. Local carpet cleaners can also be hired to clean out the allergens stuck deep in carpets, she said.

Gagne suggests that spring cleaners get on their hands and knees to scrub bathroom floors, to properly clean around the toilet and other nooks and crannies of bathroom fixtures.

For wood floors, she recommends using a microfiber mop. A vinegar and water solution will also disinfect and clean both tile and wood surfaces, Gagne said.

Pace Yourself!

If the spring cleaning list looks overwhelming, Gagne advises cleaners to work on one room at a time.

"Tackle one room a day," she said. "That way you're not exhausted, and it's manageable."

Maid Organic  sells a number of organic cleaning products on its website. The business offers house and office cleaning services all over Connecticut. Visit the  Maid Organic website or  Facebook page for more information.

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