Jul 26, 2014

Letter: 'Felt so Proud to be a Resident of Newtown'

Resident gives "shout out" to highway department.

Letter: 'Felt so Proud to be a Resident of Newtown' Letter: 'Felt so Proud to be a Resident of Newtown'

(Submitted by Jodi Markowsky)

I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the !

Last night, a large limb from one of our white pine trees came down and took the electrical lines down with it. The pole from our electrical box was down on the ground and wires were on the ground and strewn across the road. I put out a few cones so no one drove over it but I also called the Newtown Police Department.

Within minutes, the highway department was at my house and taping off the road to ensure people didn't come down the street. And this morning, without even asking, they came back to remove the limbs from my property.

I felt so proud to be a resident of Newtown. Even after such a horrible thing to happen to us, we feel so blessed and taken care of by our town. Power has yet to be restored by CL&P and they are making us reconnect the electrical service to our house. I just wanted to give a shout out to those that responded (Tuesday) night. Thanks....

Editor's note: Power has since been restored to the Markowsky residence on Hickory Lane, according to the family

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