Jul 29, 2014

Sandy Hook Promise yet another lie

From their twitter page :

Though we didn't take a position on @Starbucks open-carry policy we applaud their handling of the issue. Read it here http://bit.ly/18AsfWG


From the News Times:

"The group Sandy Hook Promise also condemned the gathering of gun rights advocates in Newtown."


From Their Twitter  Page on Starbucks Appreciation Day:
"Thank you @Starbucks for closing the Newtown store early today out of respect to our grieving families and community."

I do not see any visible support to the community or victims I only see one sided polarizing divisive political discourse.

Did anybody show up to Edmund Town Hall discussion to speak out when the United Way was not yielding all of the funds to the victims ?

How much money is Sandy Hook Promise giving to the victims and how much is going for extravagant trips to push a political agenda. I think we have a right to know and even if we did not out of pure decency this information should be disclosed.

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