21 Aug 2014
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Where Would You Go for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in Newtown?

We asked Facebook fans to make the call -- now, what do you think?

Where Would You Go for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in Newtown?


The (purely hypothetical) question:

"Say one day you were going out to eat for each meal in Newtown -- breakfast, lunch and dinner. Where would you go for each?"

Newtown Patch posed the query Tuesday afternoon on our Facebook page. (For simplicity's sake, imagine money were no object.) Over the next few hours, more than 50 residents responded with their own choices.

Fans named dozens of local eateries. The clear favorite for breakfast? The ever-popular King's Breakfast & Lunch. As one commenter on their Patch directory said, "When the kids or family come to town they always say 'lets meet at Kings.'" Of the commenters, twenty -- nearly half -- chose King's for breakfast. A few even chose it for both breakfast and lunch. Sandy Hook Diner and Blue Colony also got love from commenters.

For lunch and dinner, suggestions varied wildly. Sushi at Toro (or pizza at My Place) was the perfect lunch for some, and the perfect dinner for others. Newtown Deli was a popular lunch choice, and many favored Fig's for dinner. Other favorites: Mexicali Rose, General Store, Pub 25, Bagel Delight and many others. (To see more favorites, head to Newtown Patch's Facebook page.)

So there you go -- if you decided to go all-out and take the challenge, you could spend a day (or two, or three) on the town checking out your neighbors' recommendations. Sure, the "restauraunt tour" might take a bite out of your wallet, but you'd come away as a bona fide master of Newtown dining.

As for what you'd do after that eventful day? One reader had a suggestion: "Next question should be, 'After eating all that, which gym in Newtown would you go to?'"

Didn't see your favorite Newtown restaurants among these? Head to the comments and let us know where you'd go for your breakfast, lunch and dinner in Newtown!

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