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A Day in the Life: Tracey Fair, March Madness Fundraiser

Tracey Fair of North Branford juggles family, a business, the Potato Festival and fundraising for Project Graduation.

A Day in the Life: Tracey Fair, March Madness Fundraiser

, an effort to keep kids safe and entertained after prom, is an important, yet costly endeavor for parents and teachers in North Branford. The initiative is possible due to volunteers like who organize fundraising events in town. One such event is , an event that sees teams pay to battle it out in fun games with the proceeds going toward Project Graduation activities. 

Fair also owns and cuts hair at her own barber shop, runs a 4H club, manages her horse and its barn and acts as a volunteer supervisor for the . The busy mother of three shared with Patch how she balances her schedule and how she got where she is now. 

North Branford Patch: What is a day in the life of Tracey Fair like?

Tracey Fair: Well I guess we start around 6 a.m. with three girls, then we have to get them all off to school. I own an old-fashioned barber shop in Guilford with three employees who work for me. I have to do my motherly duties, find out what kid has to go where, whether it's work or a basketball game. There's a meeting at least once a week for Project Graduation. I have a horse and a barn to take care of. For the Potato and Corn Festival, it's a lot of behind-the-scenes work, but the weekend of the festival, it looks like a quiet job for I am in the parking lot having a good ol time! My daughters are 11, 14 and 17. The 17-year-old is in the hence the reason I am on Project Graduation. 

North Branford Patch: How did you get involved in March Madness?

Fair: A friend of mine who also works with the Potato and Corn Festival, she wanted to head project graduation and asked me to do March Madness. It was supposed to be town-wide, but it was mostly high school students this year. You pick a team and pay $10 per person to register. The projected goal is $2,000. It's a way to raise money for Project Graduation, which is a way for the kids to hang out at the high school instead of driving about on . 

North Branford Patch: Why is project graduation so important?

Fair: When we were in high school, it was always right around graduation, we always lost one person due to drinking and driving. I just thought it was a great idea to keep the kids safe and contained so they’re not out doing stupid things. They’re teenagers, every school has to go through that teenage stage and worry about the kids drinking and driving.

North Branford Patch: How do you keep a hectic schedule from overwhelming you?

Fair: I keep lists, lists are definitely helpful. I have a horse now in my backyard who is my therapy, I ride as often as I can. I enjoy all aspects of my life. There have been a few speed bumps, but it has been a joyous ride. I have met many great people over the years. The North Branford community has been a great one to volunteer in.

North Branford Patch: What is it about North Branford that keeps you here?

Fair: I’ve been in North branford about 18 years. I grew up in Guilford, my husband was from North Branford. I think it is the people, they're very community-oriented. It's very nice for the most part, they do help out when needed. If you need a helping hand, there's always someone there to lend a helping hand.

I had a customer at the barber shop once who had lost use of his legs. I made it a point to go see him once a week for a few hours. It was the highlight of his week, but little did he know that sitting listenimg to him and his story and his words of wisdom was such a life lesson to me. I can not tell you how "Al" was such an eye-opener to me and how just giving time to someone or something can and will make a difference in someone's life...and that to me is what it should be all about!      

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