Jul 28, 2014
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Close to 1,000 Turn Out for Matt's Mission 5K

Matt's Mission 5K attracted 962 runners and reminds people to 'Take It Slow.'

There was a break in the rain this weekend, giving runners in  a cool, dry day to run in remembrance of , who died in a speeding accident on May 23, 2009. The day was a success with 962 participating in the race. 

Cars filled the parking lots at North Branford High School and North Branford Intermediate School before the roads were closed for the start of the race. The crowd took off near the entrance of the high school, running a scenic course along Wood Chase Lane, Totoket Road and Mill Road before returning to the football field to round the track to finish the 5K course.

Ryan McGuire was the top finisher on the day (16:36) with the top 10 rounded out by Darren Walden (17:34), Casey Neistat (18:17), Chris Canning (18:32), Maureen Terwilliger (18:47), Mark Edwards (18:52), Jason Conforte (19:37), Adrian Gluck (19:45), Rob Vivari (20:14) and Alyssa Selmquist (20:29).

The top three finishers in each division for the females were: (under-12) Daly Hines (26:48), Marie Zampano (28:25) and Sarah Calamita (33:10); (13 to 19) Carolyn Duman (22:45), Kayleigh Brooks (23:41) and Erin Weidman (25:14); (20 to 29) Alyssa Selmquist (20:29), Sarah Eder (23:30) and Rachel Bery (24:07); (30 to 39) Mary Kate O’Keefe Mcavoy (21:38), Monica Roulano (25:23) and Lauren Seltzer (25:47); (40 to 49) Maureen Terwilliger (18:47), Linda Cordova (24:54) and Millie Gentile (24:56); (50 to 59) Palmira Orcutt (26:19), Jeannine Antus (26:33) and Ana Nelson (27:10); (60 to 69) Sharon Brockway (42:00), Judy Sullivan (43:07) and Susan McGowan (54:47); and (70-and-over) Monica Roche (30:10), Doris Whalen (55:01) and Theasa Finkle (57:08).

On the men’s side, the top three finishers in each division were: (under-12) Keane Regan (21:28), Rory Sherban (24:02) and Trevor Brown (26:42); (13 to 19) Darren Walden (17:34), Jason Conforte (19:37) and Matthew Mirek (20:45); (20 to 29) Ryan McGuire (16:36), Chris Canning (18:32) and Adrian Gluck (19:45); (30 to 39) Casey Neistat (18:17), Darrell Adler (20:45) and Paul Baldini (20:57); (40 to 49) Mark Edwards (18:52), Rob Vivari (20:14) and Todd Strickland (21:36); (50 to 59) Chris Hynes (21:46), John Woron (22:18) and Cliff Sahlin (22:52); (60 to 69) Rich Steeves (22:38), Way Hedding (23:08) and Floyd Parness (24:05); (70 to 79) Alexander Metro (30:54), David Barker (36:54) and Donald Riordan (50:18); and Herman Bershtein was first in the 80 to 99 division with a time of 52:00.

For a complete list of finishers, click here

Runners donned Matt's Mission T-shirts and bracelets with many sporting shirts from participating in last year's 5K and some from the walk held in June 2009. The Navels entertained the crowds and kept the music going throughout the race and the after-party, which also included a wide variety of food from area sponsors, face painting and a balloon artist.

The afternoon was capped with a performance by North Branford High School alumni Michael Rebeschi (see video), who sang 'Take It Slow,' a song he wrote after Matt's accident.

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