Jul 25, 2014

Farewell to 'On Tonight'

Elissa Bass says goodbye to her long-running TV column.

Farewell to 'On Tonight'


Friday Nov. 30

What’s On Tonight: Fade To Black

Dear TV Friends: Today is the last edition of ‘What’s On Tonight.’ I first started writing a TV column for The Day newspaper in 2001, when I was named features editor at the paper and we launched a daily TV page. Back then it was called The Remote, and I had the best time ever writing it. When I left The Day in 2010 and came to Patch, I kept it going, renamed What’s On Tonight.

Eleven years of a daily TV column = 4,015 columns. 4,015 x 3 shows per column = 12,045 shows. My love of TV runs deep. The fun I had – and the friends I made – have been by far the most rewarding parts; if I got to watch some great TV along the way, well that was just gravy. Thank you to all who have read this little piece over the years. It’s been a blast.

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