Jul 28, 2014
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MVRB Gives Big to Matt’s Mission

As part of North Branford High School’s Big Give, four freshmen are working to raise money for Matt's Mission.

MVRB Gives Big to Matt’s Mission MVRB Gives Big to Matt’s Mission

Team Name: MVRB

Team Members: Nancy Bush, Maggie Vergati, Nicole Romanella and Bryce Mase

Charity: Matt’s Mission

When the freshman quartet of Nancy Bush, Bryce Mase, Nicole Romanella and Maggie Vergati teamed up for ’s Student Council’s , they knew they wanted to give back to an organization that had a direct impact on the town. The team, which they call MVRB for the initials of the last names, chose .

“One of our team members’ family has been getting money from Matt’s Mission to help them with bills because one of the parents is out of work,” said Romanella. “We figured we’d give back as a thank you. We dug deep to see what charities actually did. Matt’s Mission helps families in need. The economy is not so good and it touches our hearts because not many people are doing things like that.”

Through their fundraising efforts, the girls have met , founder of Matt’s Mission, who has helped them with ideas.

“She has come to a lot of our fundraisers and has been a big influence in telling us what the charity does,” said Romanella. “We keep in contact and send her pictures so she knows we’re trying our best.”

Heading into the Big Give, the quartet set a large goal–$1,000–and Romanella was excited to report that MVRB surpassed its goal.

“It feels amazing to know we’ve done something awesome to help the community and people in need,” said Romanella.

In order to reach their goal, the girls held bake sales, hosted a laser tag event at the , organized a and solicited donations by going door to door.

This isn’t the first time Romanella has been involved in fundraising as she also helped her mom with fundraising for her brother’s baseball team. She also hopes to be a part of the Big Give again in the future.

“It’s amazing to be a part of the Big Give and see that students can turn $1 into a big amount of money, $1,000 or $2,000,” said Romanella. “Not many people are doing something like this and they don’t realize how much people in the community need help.”

If you’re interested in donating to MVRB, contact Nicole Romanella at 203-530-9647.

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