Jul 28, 2014
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Patch's Craziest Cat Is ...

... from Montville! Congrats to Jean St. Denis and her hammock-loving cat Smokie!

Patch's Craziest Cat Is ...


Patch users had no doubt which of our top 5 craziest cats was the nuttiest - Montville's entry (the hammock-hanging cat named Smokie) was the runaway winner in our poll, garnering 143 of the 382 votes cast.

The Granbys cat-and-dog friends photo came in second with 112 votes; East Haven's cat-that-hates-the-collar came in third with 73 votes. Vernon's cat on top of the cabinet came in fourth with 37 votes, and the cat who fit in the shoebox from The Haddams-Killingworth Patch came in fifth with 17 votes.

Jean St. Denis, who sumitted the winning photo, wins a $100 gift card.

Thanks so much to everyone for particpating and stay tuned later this month for Patch's national Halloween Costume Contest!

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