Jul 29, 2014
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Red Flag Warning Issued for North Branford

Low humidity and strong winds today will combine to make conditions ripe for brush, forest and other fires to start and quickly spread.

Red Flag Warning Issued for North Branford

Today's windy and dry conditions will join together to create the potential for "explosive fire growth," according to the National Weather Service.

The service has issued a " red flag warning" for North Branford and the entire tri-state area, including much of the southern portion of the state.

The warning — which runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. — means "critical fire conditions" will exist throughout the day today.

Over several days, the fire department has already responded to a handful of small brush and mulch fire calls in town.

Forest Fire Danger 'Very High'

The state DEEP's Forest Fire Control office is also urging caution (see attached PDF for the DEEP's latest press release and fire prevention tips).

"Fires will be very difficult to control today especially when the winds are gusting (20-25 mph) this afternoon," the office reported on its website this morning.

According to the state, Connecticut traditionally experiences high forest fire danger from mid-March through May.

Throughout the spring forest fire season, DEEP sends daily advisories on forest fire danger levels to DEEP's state park forest field staff, municipalities, fire departments and the media.

Forest fire danger levels are classified at low, moderate, high, very high or extreme.

Today's DEEP forest fire danger level sits at "very high."

"If you have received a permit from your local Open Burning Official to burn brush on your property, the permit is not valid if the Forest Fire Danger is rated high, very high or extreme and you are burning within 100 feet of a grassland or woodland," the office states.

If You Spot a Fire

If you spot a forest fire, the office urges residents to dial 911 to report the fire as quickly as possible to your local fire department.

"Calmly tell the emergency dispatcher when you saw it and where you saw it," the office states. "Stay on the telephone until the dispatcher tells you to hang up."

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