Jul 28, 2014
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Urgent: Travel Ban in Effect for North Branford

North Branford roads are closed to all non-emergency travel through 6 p.m. today.

Urgent: Travel Ban in Effect for North Branford


The Town of North Branford Public Safety Departments and Emergency Operations Center would like advise that an immediate travel ban is being imposed for all non emergency travel on North Branford Roadways until 6PM this evening.  

Clearing the snow from our roadways is presently underway but the public works department needs the cooperation of all so they can have all town roads clear as soon as possible.   

For more information, please call the Emergency Operations Center at 203-484-9549 or 203-484-2583 or the North Branford Police Department at 203-484-2703.

"Everyone needs to stay off of the roads and do not go out unless there is an emergency," said Interim Town Manager Bonnie Therrien. "People are going out and getting their vehicles stuck and then the Public Works staff cannot plow the streets. It is imperative that people heed this warning."

Therrien said that due to these delays and the length of time it is taking to clear roads, the town cannot provide a plowing timetable at this time. Public Works resumed work at 8 a.m. and will continue throughout the day.

"Those roads that were not opened yesterday will be opened first and then we will go back and widen out the roads throughout town," said Therrien. "People have to be patient and heed the warning about not going out on the roads."


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