Jul 25, 2014

Lunch Break: Lion Tries to Eat Baby, Kind Of

A mother captures on video a lion trying to eat her son through the glass at a zoo.

It could be the cute factor, or maybe the sheer craziness has catapulted today's YouTube video to the top of the most popular chart.

Whatever the case, more than 1.6 million people have tuned in to check out a video in which a lioness paws and naws at the glass of its cage in a fruitless effort to snag a little boy.

The mother who posted the video writes:

At the zoo in Portland, Oregon the usually lazy lioness, Kya, tries desperately to eat my son through the glass. Jack is coincidentally dressed like a baby zebra in his black and white striped hoodie. He is brave though and calls her "kitty kitty". That's my boy.

Really, the video speaks for itself, so enjoy!

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