Jul 26, 2014

'This Situation is Already Out of Control...'

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'This Situation is Already Out of Control...'

GREENWICH: "Unfortunately college admissions are not the only educational venues that have gotten competitive. I am an elementary school teacher and I quite often joke with my siblings that I'm not sure we would have made it out of elementary school with the type of pressure we are putting on these kids. The pressure that High School students are feeling in their junior year is gushing down to the all the layers of the education system. Personally I don't think it's fair If kids don't get to enjoy being kids when they are kids then when do they get to enjoy being young?" wrote this in response to an article about

NEW CANAAN: "I spent 20 years running the streets of Manhattan, and felt safer there than I do running in Fairfield County. At least in the city the drivers are so nervous they are paying attention to the roads instead of texting and talking on the phone." wrote this in response to an article about the

NEW CANAAN: "Love this! I can't wait for a New Canaan Phone Book - will be especially helpful on the days when the wind blows and the power goes out at my house :)" wrote this in response to an announcement that a

WESTON-REDDING-EASTON: "The Police Chief had the nerve to ask for yet another highly overpaid officer in this past budget? This situation is already out of control. Redding has virtually zero crime as it is — and these officers are being paid how much? Not even counting their insane benefits packages??? Sounds like the real robberies are being committed by the people wearing the badges. The real discussion should be about ending the department altogether and going back to having the state troopers take over. We'd never see the difference - except for the lower taxes." wrote this in response to an article about

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