Jul 29, 2014

Candidate Bios: Dave Haversat, First Selectman Candidate

See what Dave Haversat has to say.

Candidate Bios: Dave Haversat, First Selectman Candidate

Name:  David E. Haversat

Age:  33

Address: 50 Shelton Rd., Oxford.

Party: Republican (write-in candidate)

Education: Post University, four-year degree in legal studies, Nonnewaug High School,  Oxford School System K-8.

Occupation: Publishing

Experience: Two term Selectman 2003-2007, Republican First Selectman Candidate 2009, All Veteran's Memorial Committee, Circuit-Breaker (Tax Reduction) Senior Committee, Chairman Oil Spill & Remediation Committee, Bipartisan High School Committee

Family: Wife Nicole, Son Nathan

ContactHaversat2011@gmail.com, Home phone 203-888-2797, Read more on his Facebook page at  http://facebook.com/DavidHaversat

Position Sought: First Selectman

Please desribe why you are running in 300 words or less:

We are only in office for a short period of time, however  the decisions we make during our term can leave a lasting impact well beyond the two year election cycle. That's why it's important to choose a candidate who looks at the future, not just what's beneficial to their re-election bid.  I  will focus on what is good for the entire town, not by a political influence. I'm a firm believer in letting Oxford residents voice their concerns and suggestions either in my office or in the voting booth. Our town meeting form of government was formed for that reason and should be exercised through this process and by referendum.

 l am committed to maintain oxford's roads,  schools, town buildings,  and public safety.  I have always promoted economic development , fiscal restraint and the preservation of Oxford's rural character and open space. My record and how I voted on these issues over two terms are in black and white.

I believe in running the town with a common sense approach.  It's my policy if it's not broke then don't turn everything upside down just to flex your political muscle. There are always areas for improvement and those matters can be addressed and implemented with a team approach.

In closing I'd like to say I have a vested interest in Oxford. I'm a lifelong resident who has been involved with local government. My wife and I our raising our son in this beautiful town. My parents who came to Oxford as a young couple are now seniors continuing to live here.

I’m in this race to win it! On November 8th I ask for your vote and to take a moment to write-my name in as candidate for First Selectman.

Thank you and Best,

David E. Haversat


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