Jul 28, 2014
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'It's Like Watching Paint Dry'

Some of the day's comments - and quotes - from Patch websites in the region.

'It's Like Watching Paint Dry'


"It's like watching paint dry. If we get 20 percent I'd be surprised." That what a poll worker in Milford said about voter turnout . 


“That's strange. It's like a magnet for bad drivers. At least no one gets hurt. But I feel bad for the owners who are now going to lose income while the damage is being fixed.” A car . Apparently it happened at the same location before when it was barbecue joint, as pointed out.   


“They are also using the alert now system to push parents to support their (the BOE's) view of the education budget when we really should be questioning how our education dollars are being spent. The only emergency with their budget is how the dollars are designated. Parents should be asking why we are spending millions of taxpayer dollars on the stupid math program we have to supplement!” The Branford School District has a notification system that alerts parents of emergencies such as school closings. Recently it was used to which finds distasteful. 


“Really sick to death of Democrats in our state...they never get anything done...they are clueless to budgets, and happy to give away the farm in any entitlement that comes along...She seems very nice, but I don't see how another Democrat in an already overrun legislature will be a positive thing in moving forward in a very difficult time...Again, no reflection on this person at all.” Democrat Dante’ Bartolomeo is throwing her hat in the ring for the 13th district of the state senate. thinks Connecticut is blue enough as it is.

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